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The National Handwriting Association is a registered charity reliant on donations and benefactors.

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About NHA


The NHA is run by an executive committee of volunteers who work in their professional lives as teachers, therapists, academics or researchers. They are supported by a finance officer and an administrator who work part-time.


We aim to:
  • raise awareness of handwriting as a crucial component of literacy
  • promote and foster good practice in the teaching of handwriting
  • provide support for those working with children and adults who have handwriting difficulties
To fulfil these aims we:
  • maintain an up-to-date website
  • run in-service training in schools, clinics and other centres
  • run an in-depth course on handwriting around the UK
  • produce an annual journal for our members to keep them informed on the latest research and books on handwriting, and writing equipment
  • publish practical booklets and other materials on specific aspects of handwriting
  • provide practical information for parents and professionals
  • liaise with commercial enterprises to give guidance on the manufacture of writing equipment
  • work with central and local government to improve standards of handwriting
  • support research into handwriting