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The National Handwriting Association is a registered charity reliant on donations and benefactors.

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We promote a series of publications written by our experts. Many are free to download for members.

Our Services

The NHA provides the following services:

  • In-service training in schools, clinics and other centres (INSET)
  • A 6 Day Course on Handwriting using the content of the former IOE Accredited Course. The IOE Accredited course no longer exists so we have taken it over, though we are not authorised to use credits. We do, however, award certificates for successful completion of all 6 days.
  • Practical handwriting information for parents and professionals in our publications
  • Produces an annual journal for our members to keep them informed on the latest research and books on handwriting, and writing equipment (Journal)
  • Publishes practical booklets and other materials on specific aspects of handwriting
  • Works with central and local government to improve standards of handwriting
  • Supports research into handwriting
  • Liaises with commercial enterprises to give guidance on the manufacture of writing equipment