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Corporate Members: Bic

BIC®, the UK’s leading brand in writing instruments , is pleased to announce it has a corporate sponsorship of The National Handwriting Association.

The partnership is set to highlight the importance of handwriting as a vital component of literacy, to promote good practice in the teaching of handwriting and to support those who work with children with handwriting difficulties.

Mishka Smith, BIC® Trade Marketing Manager Stationery, commented: “BIC® is committed to helping children improve their handwriting. We recognise that learning to write is an important milestone in every child’s life and we want to support children, families and teachers alongside the National Handwriting Association.”

BIC appreciates that one size does not necessarily fit all and therefore specialises in a range of colouring and writing instruments for different age groups.

Young children at the 0-1 key stage level can benefit from BIC® Kids Learners range – a collection of ball point pens and pencils specially designed to help kids with their handwriting. This range of writing tools has been designed for four to eight year olds by a panel of expert psychomotor therapist and ergonomists, in order to facilitate the writing learning process.

Further support can be found at, a useful resource for teachers, parents and kids nationwide, offering fun activities, advice and a Teachers’ Corner complete with lesson plans. 

Older children at 2-5 key stage level also need handwriting support. The recent BIC Revision Report found that 61% of teachers reported a deterioration in handwriting in the last five years, with nine in ten noticing a rise in the use of tech among students during that time frame too.

The exam period is a particularly significant time, with many students more worried about their handwriting than having a mind blank in the exam room. These concerns are real, as poor handwriting can have a negative effect on exam results with 64% of teachers having to withhold marks due to illegible answers.

Mishka Smith, BIC® Trade Marketing Manager Stationery, commented: “with our help and products, we believe every youngster can realise their freedom of expression.”