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CleverstiX Child Development Cutlery:

The Child Development Cutlery for Fine Motor Skill skills!

Enjoy less mess and quieter, easier mealtimes as little ones have a whole lot of fun using intense focus to dine without distraction!


The special ergonomic ‘No Spring-Back’ pincer design of the award-winning CleverstiX demands control of both closing and opening (flexion and extension), acutely developing concentration and fine motor skills. Great for handwriting technique, hand/eye co-ordination, and subsequent use of other cutlery (fork, spoon, etc).

Read the National Handwriting Association Journal review of CleverstiX here:


Younger children instinctively like to use their fingers and with dedicated rings CleverstiX simply act as an extension of them - therefore kids find them incredibly natural to use.

Adventures of Adam blog, 8th March 2016:

I gave Adam a choice of three of our favourite tong style fine motor tools. Immediately Adam chose CleverstiX.
..Finally Adam attempted the 
Jumbo Tweezer. He struggled to use the Jumbo Tweezer for this activity before turning his attention back to the CleverstiX.


The unique WIDE tips make CleverstiX suitable for ALL cuisines including PASTA, CHIPS, FRUIT and VEGETABLES while helping youngsters learn to digest food at a healthy pace.

CleverstiX are approved of by leading Paediatric Occupational Therapists (OTs) and are especially recommended for children with Dyspraxia / DCD and some forms of Autism / ASD. READ the about the SEN benefits and OT assessments

Skybound Autism Therapies:
"I highly recommend this as a perfect addition to any toolbox when focusing on fine motor skills particularly handwriting skills…"

Dyspraxia Education:
“..lots of different uses for them from eating to all sorts of games such as, picking up small items and transferring them.”

OT for Kids:
“ excellent tool to develop inner hand strength, enabling children to develop the control and accuracy of their fine motor movements.”


Since launching in the Science Museum the CleverstiX Child Development Cutlery range are now supplied to shops, to schools, to nurseries, to OTs, to SENCOs and to restaurants at.
Stockists include Crossbow Education.

CleverstiX are available in the following officially licensed versions:


As used by Ken Hom’s own grandchildren:

CleverstiX are the best – they help develop children’s fine motor skills and handwriting grip. CleverstiX look almost like a toy, are safe and work!
Ken Hom OBE: Chef, Author, TV Presenter

  • Improve concentration: focus on the challenge of picking up food
  • Develop handwriting grip: special ergonomic design replicates grasping a pen
  • Enjoy meal times: novel device with colourful appearance of a toy
  • Advance fine motor skills: hand-eye co-ordination enhances pincer dexterity
  • Learn chopstick control: the advanced 'next generation' of training chopsticks

Recipient of the ‘Highly Commended’ accolade at the Housewares Innovations Awards 2016 for Kitchenware Innovation, held during the 2016 Spring Fair.


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