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Special Direct

Corporate Members: Special Direct

With advice from experts, Special Direct have developed and sourced a comprehensive range of Handwriting resources for children with additional support needs.

Working with well known handwriting specialists such as Rosemary Sassoon, Lois Addy and Alison Harris to develop practical resources and guidance books such as:

Handwriting: The way to teach separate and joined letters

Written by handwriting specialist Rosemary Sassoon, this book consists of practical exercises that will teach children easily to form separate and joined letters. It gives a step-by-step approach to writing letters.

Start Write, Stay Right – Nasen Award Winner 2008

This book is packed with practical guidance to help with handwriting. Written by Occupational Therapists, Alison Harris and Janet Taylor it takes a holistic approach, to address the environment, postural and physical elements required for effective and automatic handwriting.
SD08044 £19.99

Writing Slope

Our specially designed writing slope enables children to work and write at the optimum angle. The simple design requires no assembly and is set at the recommended angle of 20 degrees and has a rubber grip to prevent slipping.
SD08034 £26.95


With the help of Lois Addy, Occupational Therapist, MI5 is a fun and innovative way to help children understand the impact of pen pressure. A child who applies too much pressure is tested as Agent P to only inform the next agent about the top secret mission, using the MI5 pad. A child who doesn't apply enough pressure, is asked to inform up to 3 other agents. It helps children to improve by showing them the impact on their handwriting.
SD10020 £4.99

This is just a sample of the extensive range available from Special Direct for more visit or call 0800 318 686 for your FREE catalogue.