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Corporate Members: Stabilo

If a child likes their pen, they are more likely to use it!

The first years of pre-school are an exciting time for children; finally they can get to grips with numbers, letters and the world of grown ups. As a manufacturer of writing instruments, STABILO want to accompany children on this journey of discovery in the best way possible. That is why, for several years now, the company has been working together closely with educationalists, scientists and designers to develop optically appealing and ergonomically suitable pens for children to write with. This is important, as research has proved that holding a pen incorrectly can impair a child’s performance at school and even lead to health problems.

STABILO’s ergonomic designed products focus on comfort and efficiency. Using an ergonomic pen helps to avoid unhealthy stress, tiredness and potential damage to the posture of the hand. Therefore, it is vital to have the correct pen during the most important part of a child’s life, SCHOOL.

On the basis of these findings STABILO have developed a range of ergonomic products,
STABILO EASY ergonomics experts, for left and right handers, which consists of the following:

  • STABILO EASYergo- the first ergonomic retractable beginner pencil for learning to write

STABILO EASYergo The EASYergo is the only retractable ergonomic beginner pencil made for children’s hands and available in two versions for left and right handers. Its ergonomic design, including non-slip grip zone, comes in four colourful versions and these come with ergonomic matching eraser and sharpener. The pencil also has space for name tag and replacement leads.

  • STABILO EASYoriginal rollerball is a contemporary alternative to the classic fountain pen

STABILO EASYoriginal This ergonomic rollerball pen is suitable for school children - up to age of 18. A moulded grip and a slightly arched shape allow them to hold the pen in a correct manner without any strain. Writing with the EASYoriginal is therefore very relaxed and prevents muscles from tiring early on, so that all school children can really enjoy learning to write without any cramps, whether they are left or right handed.

  • STABILO EASYcolors and STABILO EASYgraph: Ergonomic wooden colouring pencils and lead pencils designed especially for left and right handers

STABILO EASYcolors STABILO EASYcolors and STABILO EASYgraph, the first ergonomic coloured and graphite pencils especially designed for left or right handers to ensure that the correct grip is found intuitively from start. This means that the fingers on the writing hand stay relaxed when writing. The triangular shape for perfect fit with the non slip grip moulds for left or right handers ensure that the correct grip is formed. The great mix of colours and the attractive design makes it fun to use.

  • STABILO EASYgel: Ergonomic retractable Gel Rollerball designed especially for schoolchildren 12+

STABILO EASYgel STABILO EASYgel, the ergonomic gel rollerball has been designed for those who write lots. The pen sits perfectly in the hand ensuring flowing writing with little pressure required, so reduce the strain and stress on the hand. The innovative grip moulds ensure the correct grip immediately.

For more information about STABILO or any products please visit or email