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Corporate Members: Staedtler

Manufacturers of specialist stationery equipment for the education sector for many years, STAEDTLER has an impressive heritage in the design and manufacture of quality writing and drawing instruments. Within its extensive range, STAEDTLER has a number of products developed in close association with the teaching profession and designed specifically to encourage good handwriting practice, such as the 309 Handwriting pen, the ergonomically designed triplus range and the 'learner' collection of triangular, jumbo-sized pencils, coloured pencils and pens. All products offer the STAEDTLER promise of premium quality, technical innovation and reliability.

The 309 Handwriting Pen - designed to give children more control and therefore encourage better handwriting skills. With a hardwearing point, long 2,500 metre write-out length and 0.6 mm line width, this pen has a special moulded grip zone to give the child extra control and also features Dry Safe ink so that the cap may be left off for up to 14 days without the pen drying out. Another practical feature is the clip on the cap which prevents the pen rolling on, or even off, the desk.

The 119 triplus triangular learner pencils - designed for very young children and those with special needs. The triplus three-sided pencil offers optimum grip, sits comfortably in the hand and is easy to use. The large diameter barrel and extra thick 4 mm lead not only make the pencil easier to hold but also make the lead far more break resistant. The range includes triplus blacklead pencils (119) with a soft 2B lead in the familiar yellow and black Noris design and triplus coloured pencils (128), with a matt finish for slip-free hold, in 12 brilliant waterproof colours.

121 Noris school pencil - just the sight of the familiar yellow and black striped barrel of the Noris 121 blacklead pencil is enough to take many of us straight back to our own schooldays. This instantly recognisable pencil is available in five degrees and is manufactured using a special bonding process which means less sharpening and therefore less waste.