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Past Courses

THE TEACHING AND LEARNING OF HANDWRITING 5 Day plus 1 Day took place in February/March 2016 in London and was a huge success. One candidate said "It's and inspirational course which promotes an understanding of the very complex process of handwriting whilst simultaneously giving practitioners useful tools to develop handwriting in practice." "It's and excellent course."

Another candidate said that they would definitely recommend the course to friends and colleagues.

THE TEACHING AND LEARNING OF HANDWRITING 5 Day Course took place in February/March 2015 in London and due to popular demand it was run again in May 2015 in Halifax.

THE TEACHING AND LEARNING OF HANDWRITING 5 Day Course took place in February/March 2014 in London and was again a huge success with the candidates finding both the theoretical and practical sessions very clear, informative and engaging. 

A comment received - " I tell everyone I meet that the 5 day NHA Handwriting Course was the best course I have ever attended in all my years of teaching - and that's quite a few since 1971!"


Due to a huge demand from people living outside the London area it was decided that this year's course THE TEACHING AND LEARNING OF HANDWRITING would be held in Halifax. It took place during February and March 2013. 

Here are just a few of the comments that we received from the participants –

The presentations were inspiring

Practical useful strategies, I will use them this afternoon

Catherine’s resource list was fantastic, thank you

Lots of practical and useful ideas

Clear, informative and engaging

Case studies and photo slides helped put the information into practice

Lots of theory explained clearly with practical demonstration

Angela gave us lots of useful info/ideas to help us working with children with SLD

I have been teaching for 13 years, but have never been taught how to teach handwriting, thank you so much, I now feel able to do so

The stalls were really good, lots of useful resources to look at.

THE TEACHING AND LEARNING OF HANDWRITING 5 Day Course took place in March 2012 in London.


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