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15 June 2019
Annual Members Day - 2019


We do hope you can join us on the day as there is an interesting programme planned.

Past Events

National Handwriting Day - 23rd January 2018

The winner of our National Handwriting Day Competition Hamper is Hillingdon Manor School, West Drayton.

Hillingdon Manor OT twitter account is: @YiewsleyG_OT






Members' Day - 4th May 2017

Thank you so much for such an interesting day – I met some lovely people and had good discussions about handwriting and only wish more class teachers could be more flexible…onwards and upwards towards a whole school approach!

 I loved all the freebees which the children in my school are already enjoying and I will be bulk buying some of them from the suppliers you invited in......NM

Copy of Presentation given by Jo Atkinson - Handwriting Developing a primary school intervention in the ‘Born in Bradford’ study area  and Reaching and Teaching Teachers by Sharon Farnie and Louise Farrow  (available to NHA Members only)  

Members' Day - 5th March 2016

I very  much enjoyed the members’ day on Saturday... V

The talk given by Dr. Christian Marquardt from Shreibmotrik Institut, Munich on Understanding how writing works was extremley interesting... A


Members' Day - 4th March 2015

Really enjoyed the day. Always so informative. Angela and your team are great. MP

Fabulous NHA day - well done all for organising it. I really enjoyed the sessions and time to chat with people. AB...


“…lots of great PRACTICAL ideas as to how sessions could be structured, combining motor and cognitive aspects: Brilliant! “

“Good information on further reading and research articles”

“Methods of research and the background to published tests was interesting”.

“It was interesting to learn about the research carried out into handwriting and to see that there is further evidence to support what I see in my day-to-day teaching. It make me think again about the factors that affect the children when I teach handwriting and general writing tasks.”

“The information about current views around writing, i.e. importance of speed and legibility rather than perfect neatness.  Also that cursive is not an essential skills and no faster than printing.”

“Update on research - evidence base. Practical aspects / ideas which can be used to support practice. Opportunities for discussion / debate (Good to have Health & Educational professionals together).”

“Exhibitors - update on new products to enhance knowledge & practice.”

“…a very engaging speaker, gave practical advice and sparked ideas to take back to workplace”.

Members' Day - 8th March 2014

Thank you for a wonderful event on Saturday......S S

I really enjoyed Saturday more than I thought I would! It was very informative and actually inspiring! ....E

Copy of Presentation given by Professor Rhona Stainthorp   NHA-talk-March-8th-2014-handout    (available to NHA Members only)   

Members' Day - 5th March 2013

Thank you so much again for organising such a wonderful member's day. It was so inspiring to hear the interesting talks and meet so many other people. .... A 


NHA Members' Day was a special day! It is always such a positive occasion: a great way to hear about new ideas, and meet other professionals. The link between teachers and teaching assistants and physical therapists is such an important one. 

It is all too easy to set targets that are too hard for children if their level of physical development isn't taken into account. It was good to see ways to deal with this. 

It was also a most enjoyable lunch!         Thank - you to everyone involved!     .... J