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The National Handwriting Association is a registered charity reliant on donations and benefactors.

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Handwriting help for parents

Are you concerned about your child's handwriting? Would you like some advice on what to do?

  • Our booklet 'Handwriting: Are You Concerned?' is written especially for parents and may answer your questions.
  • You can visit the section on this website headed 'Handwriting Difficulties'.
  • The section on Frequently Asked Questions might provide some answers.
  • The Providing Help section might answer some questions.
  • There might be a teacher working in your area who could help you and your child.
  • Keep in touch with us. We are gradually increasing the material on this website and send out a free email newsletter 'Write' every quarter informing about recent news and events coming up. Do check the website for additions and send your name and email address to request a free copy of Write, including a note of your interest as a parent. We welcome any suggestions to improve our website.
  • Free Worksheets on Handwriting Patterns - We have worked on a joint project with The School Run, a company that supplies worksheets for parents on a variety of subjects. The first set of 24 worksheets, Handwriting Patterns Playbook can be download free of charge.  Handwriting-Patterns-Playbook