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The National Handwriting Association is a registered charity reliant on donations and benefactors.

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Membership allows you to download our various publications – from just £15 per year.


We promote a series of publications written by our experts. Many are free to download for members.

Membership & Donations

Membership of the NHA

Membership of the National Handwriting Association gives you access an excellent range of benefits – either as an Individual or an Institution (school, clinic, hospital etc.). These include information about current research, relevant ideas and new resources, access to publications and courses and a 'Register of Handwriting Tutors' which you may wish to join.

NHA also has a special Corporate Membership for companies and organisations supplying the handwriting market that recognises their support for the Association and provides benefits to both the company and NHA.

It is hoped that, by belonging to our Association, it will be easier for you to keep in touch with other people working in the handwriting field. Follow the links for details.

Donations to the NHA

The child who writes like this is at an educational disadvantage even in the world of computers. NHA works to help this child, and the many others like him, by supporting the teachers and other professionals who work with him.

If you support our aims we would be grateful for any contributions you can give, however small.

For example, your donation could be used to:

  • Enable a committee member (professionals who give their expertise and time freely) to meet with others
  • Pay for a flyer
  • Support a research project
  • Enable NHA to attend a conference/educational exhibition