Handwriting Review 1995 - 2000



  • Handwriting performance and GCSE concessions Mike Conner
  • Assessing writing speed and output: some current norms and issues Jean Alston
  • Pencils with triangular barrels: how first year pupils and their teachers view them Shelia Henderson, Jean Alston and Louise Robertson
  • The handwriting skills of young early readers Di Hughes
  • Evaluation of a handwriting assessment procedure Eve Blair, Jenni Ballantyre, Sonya Horsman and Peter Chauvel
  • A case study of developmental motor dysgraphia Deborah Dewey and David Roeltgen
  • Vision for writing Keith Holland
  • Ten reference points for good handwriting Prue Wallis Myers
  • When should we introduce children to joined up handwriting? Anita Warwick
  • Handwriting Hints: Advice from an uncoordinated writer of italic Kate Gladstone



·Handwriting in a multicultural society Sue Walker and Viv Edwards

·Learning a second writing system Rosemary Sassoon

·Pure agraphia of kanji Motohide Miyahara

·Capital letters: Are they an alphabet of difficulties for young children? Cicely Haines

·The Handwriting Skills of young early readers: one year on Di Hughes

·Why look at school furniture? Shirley Martin

·An assessment scheme for young children's handwriting Cicely Haines

·Handwriting: Why won't teachers change. The influences affecting the attitudes, expectations and perceptions of teachers' judgements of handwriting. Mary E. Bailey




·Children's handwriting in the first three years of school: consistency over time and its relationship to academic achievement. Claire Harvey & Sheila Henderson

·A Longitudinal Study of the Handwriting of Children Between the Ages of 5 and 7 Years Di Hughes

·The Grip Characteristics of Pre-schoolers Stephanie Thomas

·Trouble with e ? Jane Taylor

·A Comparison of Two Programmes for Helping Spelling Development in a Classroom Barbara Keen

·Dealing with Adult Handwriting Problems Rosemary Sassoon

·Improving Handwriting: Remedial Therapy for Adults by Correspondence

·Keith H Seddon

·The Cinderella Skill Suzanne Tiburtius

·Touch Typing with 7 Year olds Gwen Dornan

·Handwriting tips for teachers Suzanne Tiburtius

·Book reviews

·Note from Jean Alston




·Language by Hand: A Synthesis of a Decade of Research on Handwriting  Virginia Berninger and Steve Graham

·Developing and trialing a system for describing pencil grips  Ann-Sofie Lyytinen-Lund

·A follow-up study of keyboard use for children with a motor dysgraphia Anne O'Hare, Kim Lie and S. Denwood

·Grip characteristics of the 1990s  Stephanie Thomas

·Book Reviews




The journal and separate newsletter were amalgamated in 1999 for this one issue. Contents include:

·Conference Reviews


Reviews of the two Handwriting Days run by the Handwriting Interest Group in November 1998, Handwriting: Everyone's Art, a exhibition of handwriting, lettering, calligraphy alongside workshops, demonstrations and lectures running from May to July 1999 and The Dyspraxia Foundation's Parent Conference in June 1999.

·Research Digest


Short reviews of recently published research or discussion articles that focus on handwriting and related topics. The 8 papers were published in 1998 and include articles from journals printed in the UK, Australia and America. They include studies on English, Hebrew and Chinese scripts.

·News of other societies

·Review of Books and Resources

·Discussion Paper

This was going to be the lead paper in the 1999 Handwriting Review, however because of the lack of papers it has been presented here in the Newsletter. Rhona Stainthorp, London University Institute of Education, has written the stimulus paper how is it for you? Handwriting and the National Literacy Strategy,and Elizabeth Barnes, Chester College of Higher Education, has written the response.

·Members' News


Handwriting Overseas including Handwriting Research in Israel, Handwriting Instruction in Sweden and the USA and Writedance a programme developed in the Netherlands

·Membership List



Volume 1 - Contents


  • HIG Information
  • Conference Reviews
  • Research Digest
  • New of other societies
  • Reviews of Books and Resources
  • Helping children with Difficulties: Articles on ways of helping children or young people with handwriting difficulties. They vary enormously in the approaches used. Two Occupational therapists look at programmes and techniques for helping children with writing and movement difficulties. There is also a paper on the benefits of cursive writing and a paper on how the secondary school can create a positive whole school policy to address the needs of young people with handwriting difficulties.
    • Write from the Start - L. Addy
    • Case Study - L. Addy
    • Cursive Handwriting - D. Montgomery
    • Moving for Writing - S. Drew
    • Handwriting Policy - S. O. Hagan

Volume 2 - Contents


  • HIG Information: Study days, AGM, Web site Update and Booklets availability update
  • Members News and views: Linda Hencher, a teacher and Graphologist, gives her perspective on the often controversial topic of Graphology
  • Conference Reviews: Helping Children with Handwriting Difficulties organized by HIG, and SENJIT on Wednesday 19th January 2000
  • Research Digest: A number of articles on handwriting from The American Journal of Occupational Therapy, Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy and The Occupational Therapy Journal of Research
  • News of other Societies: The Writing Equipment Society and The Dyscovery Centre
  • Handwriting in the News: The Independent newspaper ran an article on the Group. Contributors were Rosemary Sassoon, and HIG's own Anna Barnett and Beverly Scheib
  • Review of Books and Resources: Handwriting Assessments, The ETCH 1995, Handwriting Speed Test, Write Dance, Learning to write with the National Literacy Strategy and The Ring Pen
  • Papers:
    • The effects of visual perception Dysfunction on the Development and Performance of Handwriting Skills - S. Chu. Sydney Chu is a Community Occupational Therapist in Ealing and Hounslow.
    • Handwriting: An underestimated Skill on the Development of Written Languages - C. Christensen and D. Jones. Carol Christensen and Dian Jones are from the University of Queensland, Australia
  • Handwriting Course
  • Membership List