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Handwriting Today 2005



  • NHA Matters
  • Handwriting in the News
  • Tips for Teachers
    • National Handwriting Competition Revived
    • Vision for Handwriting – W Harrison
    • Pressure Points
    • Using IT in the classroom M Wagstaff
  • Pupils and Parents
    • Update – J Bell
    • How touch typing helped me - James
    • Touch typing – S Patrick
    • My son has handwriting difficulties – H Harrison
  • Research Papers
    • Handwriting fluency and essay writing in university students with dyslexia – V Connelly, S Campbell, M MacLean, J Barnes
    • Development of the Speed-Up Programme – L Addy
    • An evaluation of Speed Up! In two different settings – A Barnett
    • Using Speed Up! In an after-school clinic – M Howard
    • Using Speed Up in a mainstream school setting – J Falconer
    • Review of recent literature
  • Reviews of Books and Resources