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Handwriting Today 2007



  • NHA Matters
  • Tips for Teachers
    • In Praise of Patterns – Gwen Dornan
    • National Schools Handwriting Competition news and 2007 judge’s report
  • Review Articles
    • Access Arrangements for Candidates who have difficulties with Writing – Caroline Read
    • Assessment of Handwriting in Children with Developmental Coordination Disorder – Anna Barnett and Sheila Henderson
  • Research Article
    • Movement Execution During Neat Handwriting –Lara Tucha, Oliver Tucha, Susanne Walitza, Ivo Kaunsinger , Klaus W Lange
  • Research Digest – short reviews
    • Handwriting Instruction in elementary schools – A V Asher
    • School-based occupational therapy for children with find motor difficult ties: evaluating outcomes and fidelity of services – C L Bayona, J McDougall, M A Tucker, M Nichols, A Mandich
    • Dimension of good and poor handwriting legibility in first and second graders: motor programs, visual spatial arrangement and letter formation parameter setting. – S Graham, M Struck, J Santoro, V W Berninger
    • Outcomes associated with a summer handwriting course for elementary students. D Marr, S B Dimeo
    • Automatic segmentation as a tool for examining the handwriting process of children with dysgraphic and proficient handwriting. – S Rosenblum, A Y Dorkin, P L Weiss
  • Reviews of Books and Resources
  • Conference Reviews