Handwriting Today 2009



  • Editorial
  • Review and Research Articles
    • Why handwriting is still important in the age of electronic writing – Steve Graham
    • An investigation of the influence of the transcription skills of handwriting and spelling on the quality of text writing by boys and girls an Key Stage 2 – R Stainthorp, N Rauf
    • The impact of children’s handwriting skill on text composition – T Olive, R A Alves, S L Castro, M Branco
  • Research Digest - short reviews
    • How do primary grade teachers teach handwriting? – S Graham, K Harris, L Mason, B Fink-Chorzempa, S Moran, B Saddle
    • Learning through hand or typewriting influences visual recognition of new graphic shapes: Behavioral and functional imaging evidence. – M Longcamp, C Boucard, J-C Gilhodes, J-L Anton, M Roth, B Nazarian, J-L Velay.
    • Handwriting process and product characteristics of children diagnosed with developmental coordination disorder. – S Rosenblum, M Livneh-Zirinski
    • Writing problems in developmental dyslexia: Under-recognized and under-treated. V W Berninger, K H Nielson, R D Abbott, E Wijsman, W Raskind
    • Development, reliability, and validity of the Handwriting Screening Questionnaire (HPSQ). S Rosenblum
    • Interrater reliability of a new handwriting assessment battery for adults. K Faddy, A McCluskey, N A Lannin
    • Dynamic time warping: a new method in the study of poor handwriting.- C Di Brina, R Niels, A Overvelde, G Levi, W Hulstijn
    • Mastering handwriting: how children with Development Coordination Disorder succeed with COOP. R Banks, S Rogers, H Polatajko
    • The clinical utility of a tool for optimising written productivity.
    • H Schwellnus, L Boschen, M Law, N Young.
  • Current Issues
    • The National Curriculum and Handwriting – Help or Hindrance?
  • Tips for Teaching
    • Another Tips for Teaching – Basic Steps
    • Tips for Grips/Grasps - C Dunford
    • Changes to ‘Which Handwriting Scheme?’
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  • Reviews of Books and Resources
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