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The National Handwriting Association is a registered charity reliant on donations and benefactors.

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Publications Summary

The National Handwriting Association promotes a number of publications designed to inform, educate and develop the understanding of handwriting issues and handwriting techniques.

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Tips for teaching

Leaflets providing practical advice and tips on selected topics - available in card form or downloadable in colour (as illustrated).

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Handwriting - are you concerned? A guide for parents

This booklet was written primarily for parents but will also be useful for professionals who are concerned about children's handwriting. It offers suggestion of what to do if there is cause for concern and includes basic guidelines for helping with handwriting.

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£4.50 (Members £2.70)

Writing left-handed....write in, not left out

Publisher: National Handwriting Association

A booklet to asset anyone who is helping a left-hander with his or her writing. It give an understanding of the process of writing left-handed and suggest tips and strategies that can help a left-hander to write comfortably and confidently.

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£6.00 (Members £3.60)

Choosing a Handwriting Scheme?

'Choosing a Handwriting Scheme' is designed to help schools/teachers choose the most appropriate handwriting scheme for their pupils. The content of each available handwriting scheme is summarised, along with representative worksheets and a short comment, so that teachers can judge for themselves which scheme(s) will best suit their needs. This 2013 edition is updated from 'Which Handwriting Scheme?' and is available as a downloadable pdf and printed copy.

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Developing a Handwriting Policy

This book is a must for any primary school about to develop a new handwriting policy or revise and existing one. It covers all issues staff need to consider and includes many practical examples.

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£6.00 (Members £3.60)

Handwriting in the Secondary School - not a Secondary Skill

Publisher: National Handwriting Association

Many children enter secondary school with handwriting skills that are inadequate to cope with the demands they will face. This booklet provides help and guidance to help teachers identify and assist secondary school pupils with handwriting difficulties.

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£6.00 (Members £3.60)

Tools of the Trade

A detailed guide to raise awareness and help you select appropriate pens, pencils, paper and furniture for handwriting.

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Pegs to Paper

A booklet of pegboard exercises for handwriting. Jumbo pegboard and pegs also available.

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Handwriting Today - 2009

Review and research articles
Why handwriting is still important in the age of electronic writing – Steve Graham
An investigation of the influence of the transcription skills of handwriting and spelling on the quality of text writing by girls and boys in Key Stage 2 – Rhona Stainthorp & Nafisa Rauf
Impact of children’s handwriting skill on text composition – Thierry Olive, Rui A. Alves, Sao Luis Castro, and Marta Branco

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£7.50 (Members £0.00)

Handwriting Today - 2010

This issue of the journal is a testament to the fact that handwriting continues to be a cause for concern amongst teachers,psychologists, therapists and journalists. We have two excellent research
articles which further our understanding of letter formation variability and the role that linguistic skills play in handwriting.

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£7.50 (Members £0.00)

Handwriting Today - 2011

In this issue of our journal we present a range of material to inform you about
recent research in the field of handwriting, to update you on new teaching resources and offer teaching tips from experienced practitioners. We hope that you find this useful in your own practice.

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£7.50 (Members £0.00)

Handwriting Today - 2012

As regular readers will have come to expect,
in this issue we provide you with a wide range
of material on the teaching and learning of
handwriting. We have useful tips to assist
those working in the classroom, reviews from
expert practitioners, summaries of recent
research and an update on government
initiatives in the UK. We also keep you
up to date on new teaching resources,
reviewed by handwriting experts and share
with you the important work that we do as a
charitable organisation to improve standards
of handwriting.

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Handwriting Today - 2013

This issue of the journal continues to provide a
wide range of material of value to all interested
in the field of handwriting. With the continued
expansion of digital technologies the role of
handwriting in the 21st Century remains a topic
of interest in research, education, the workplace
and at a personal level.

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Handwriting Today - 2014

This issue of the journal continues to provide a
wide range of material of value to all interested in the field of handwriting.

It also looks at the changes to the National Curriculum for England in September 2014.

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