Handwriting Today - 2010



Review and research articles

  • Handwriting variability in children writing letters: a study in dyslexics, dysgraphics

and proficient handwriters. - Jean-Luc Velay, Florence Henin, Cécile Moulin, Tiphanie Thomas,Isabelle Devos-Charles and Michel Habib

  • For a psycholinguistic approach of handwriting production. - Sonia Kandel


Research digest


Current issues

  • The National Curriculum in Wales. - Jenny Tuckett and Caroline Neale
  • The Curriculum for excellence, a new approach to learning within Scottish education. - Shona I’Anson and Christine Owen
  • Handwriting in the media - Val Edmands


Tips for teaching and other articles

  • “Handwriting Difficulties” Tips for teaching. - Catherine Elsey
  • Satips National Schools Handwriting Competition and Judges report. - Patricia Lovell
  • Development of the handwriting motorway - Wendy Cumines


Reviews of books and resources


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Minutes of Annual General Meeting 2010

In service training report

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