Handwriting Today - 2012


Editorial - Wide range of material on teaching and learning of handwriting

Great start to year with Washington USA summit strong case was made

for continuing the teaching of handwriting in the 21st century

Research digest shows, research on handwriting continues to flourish

This year much work on the assessment of handwriting in adults


Review Articles -

  • Understanding Writer’s Cramp, What is writer’s cramp, What has been

Written about Writer’s Cramp, Exploring the origins of the problem, The

way forward, Exercises for helping relaxation


  • Application of Motor Learning Principles to Handwriting Instruction and

Intervention, Introduction, Principles of Motor Learning, Stages of Motor

Learning, Practise, Feedback, Application of Motor Learning Principles:

Printing Like a Pro!, Cognitive Stage, Associative Stage, Autonomous

Stage, The Printing Like a Pro! Program


Research Digest - A review of factors that influence adult handwriting performance

Australian norms for handwriting speed in healthy adults aged 66-69


Handwriting in healthy people aged 65 years and over

Handwriting difficulties and their assessment in young adults with DCD:

extension of the DASH for 17-25 years old

Standardised tests of handwriting readiness: a systematic review

Effectiveness of a handwriting readiness program in Head Start: A two-

Group controlled trail

It is more than just the message: Presentation effects in scoring writing

Chinese handwriting performance of primary school children with


Increased intraindividual variability is a marker of ADHD but also of

dyslexia: A study on handwriting

For a psycholinguistic model of handwriting production: Testing the

syllable-bigram controversy


Current Issues -


  • National Curriculum up-date

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Statutory Framework

National Curriculum for English, Key stage 1 and 2 - Draft


Tips for Teaching - Handwriting readiness and pre-writing skills


  • Handwriting readiness - Motor Skills, Cognitive skills, Sensory and

perceptual skills, Integration of skills, Evaluating handwriting

readiness, General strategies for improvementTypical pre-writing development – Fine motor skills, To promote

Development and control of a comfortable pencil grasp, To promote

Development of a consistent hand preference, Visual-Motor Integration

To promote development of visual-motor integration and mark making

of pre-writing shapes and letters.


Handwriting in the Media – "If Bill Gates and Steve Jobs had to learn to write, then so can

pupils today"

Text teens can’t do joined-up writing as they learn to type

before putting pen to paper

Back-to-basics grammar test for 11-year-olds from next year

Autographs of today’s teen stars are atrocious, say experts who

Mourn the loss of cursive, legible handwriting

‘No pens’ drive for pupils struggling with sentences

Fountain pen sales double

Traditional thank-you letter far from dead in age of Twitter

and texting

Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee petition on display in Cumbria

Warning over children’s ‘appalling’ handwriting skills

Timbuktu Pen Pals

Every Child a Writer

Switching from typewriter to computer 20 years ago made me a

different writer

A Point of View: Mourning the loss of the written word

In Our Time: The Written Word


Review of Resources - Write Dance, More Write Dance, Heavyweight Pan and pencil,

Staedtler Digital Pen, Various pens & pencils reviews, Stabilo,

Nexus, Berol, Crossbow Extra Wide Writing Slope

Marion Richardson – Her Life and Contribution to Handwriting


NHA News - Minutes of NHA AGM 03rd March 2012 including reports

Prue Wallis Myers, who died 31 December 201 at 92 years of age

5 day in-depth handwriting course advert


Conferences - ISC SEN Conference – 22 November 2012

16th Conference of the International Graphonomics Society

10th International Conference on Development Coordination Disorder

Review of past conferences - Handwriting in the 21st Century? – an

educational summit

Handwriting in the UK Conference

13th International conference of the European Association for Research on

Learning and Instruction (EARLI) Special Interest Group (SIG) on Writing




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