Handwriting Today - 2014

2014 - Editorial                                                                           

Research Articles

  • Plotting the significance of handwriting automaticity
  • The role of transcription in establishing bursts of written language
  • Extended-writing practise appears to maintain handwriting automaticity in adults

Research Digest

·Does the handwriting style learned in first grade determine the style used in the fourth and fifth grades and influence handwriting speed and quality?

  • Respecting the evidence: Responsible assessment and effective intervention for children with handwriting difficulties
  • Understanding macrographia in children with autism spectrum disorders
  • Predictors of handwriting in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • Functional handwriting performance in school-age children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
  • Lifts and stops in proficient and dysgraphic handwriting
  • Development, maturation and learning influence on handwriting kinematics
  • The interaction between central and peripheral processes in handwriting production
  • Switching among graphic patterns is governed by oscillatory coordination dynamics: implications for understanding handwriting
  • The “handwriting brain”: A meta-analysis of neuroimaging studies of motor versus orthographic processes

Current Issues

  • National Curriculum Changes for England – September 2014
  • National Schools’ Handwriting Competition 2014 and Patricia Harrison

Tips for Teaching

  • Handwriting to class-writing: one leap or several hops?

Handwriting in the Media

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