Publications: Handwriting Today - 2015


Research Articles                                                          

  • An examination of handwriting style preferences in children with Developmental Coordination Disorder
  • Decision-making process for selecting accommodations for Higher-education students with Dysgraphia

Research Digest                                                           

  • Handwriting in early childhood education: Current research and future implications
  • Exploring the amount and type of writing instruction during language arts instruction in kindergarten classrooms
  • Examining the relationship between motor assessments and handwriting consistency in children with and without probable Developmental Coordination Disorder
  • An examination of writing pauses in the handwriting of children with Developmental Coordination Disorder
  • Variability of kinematic graphomotor fluency in adults with ADHD
  • How do movements to produce letters become automatic during writing acquisition? Investigating the development of motor anticipation
  • Focus of attention and automaticity in handwriting
  • Gender differences in students’ self-awareness of their handwriting performance
  • Both handwriting speed and selective attention are important to lecture note-taking


Current Issues                                                              

  • Join the joining debate
  • Rescuing handwriting from redundancy
  • Continuous cursive: cure or curse
  • Teaching fully cursive writing in reception: a discussion document


Tips for Teaching                                                           

  • Keyboarding versus handwriting, methods of typing and logistics
  • Keyboarding Tips for Teaching


Handwriting in the Media                                              

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Conference Reviews                                                     


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