Writing left-handed

Many teachers are concerned about left-handers. Some write well and without difficulty but many do not enjoy the process of writing. This book gives some explanations of why left-handers might be finding writing difficult and offers suggestions to help them. The book could be helpful to both teachers and other professionals and also for parents concerned about their left-handed sons or daughters.

ISBN: 1 872832 21 0

Read the opinion of Mark Stewart (owner of Left 'n' write Ltd, and author.)

"The main purpose of the book is to take the reader through every aspect of writing from the left-handed perspective. It is geared for teachers and parents of left-handed children.

This book addresses the particular potential problems such as smudging that left handed people face, as their writing hand comes from behind the writing. It both shows the potential problem and offers sensible, relevant and appropriate guidance to overcome such problems.

What could be a dry and boring topic is brought to life by an in-depth analysis, both in print and image.

It takes the reader through each and every aspect in a comprehensive manner, giving due importance to each part with ultimate goal of achieving legible handwriting in the most efficient and comfortable way.

The bibliography and Resources are plentiful and show in-depth research.

However, to conclude, I am delighted to see publication of this excellent book which, with due dispersal amongst the Teaching profession, will undoubtedly improve both the teaching of handwriting to left-handed children and therefore impact their education and future lives."

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