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Useful Links

Useful Links

Handwriting information

Organisation and Societies with some interest in handwriting

  • The National Association for Gifted Children web site.
  • Diane Simpson Associates - DSA is a specialist consultancy featuring the work of Diane Simpson and focusing upon many aspects of the interpretation of behaviour from handwriting and related subjects.
  • British Dyslexia Association has some information on handwriting.
  • The Dyspraxia Foundation has a range of useful information.
  • The 3D Centre for Specific Learning Difficulties - The Centre provides help with Specific Learning Difficulties through identification, tuition and courses for families, teachers and other professionals who work with individuals who may have SpLD
  • SATIPS - Society of Assistants Teaching in Preparatory Schools
  • Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre
  • The Dyscovery Centre provides help for children with difficulties in reading, spelling, handwriting, organisation, co-ordination, behaviour, social skills or attention.
  • PATOSS - The Professional Association of Teachers of Students with Specific Learning Difficulties
  • ACE Centre Advisory Trust offers a wide range of services to support communication and learning through the use of Assistive Technology (AT) and Alternative & Augmentative Communication (AAC) systems and resources for children and adults with physical and communication difficulties.
  • CENMAC - Centre for Micro Assisted Communication is a group of Advisory Teachers in the Greater London area, with children aged 3 to 19 who have a physical disability that prevents them communicating in writing. It provides a lot of useful information on its website.
  • Inclusive Technology Ltd hardware and software for special needs
  • The Penroom - a history of the pen trade in Birmingham
  • National Association for Primary Education - an interesting and informative web site.
  • The National Literacy Trust - a very useful and informative site. Check out their information on handwriting
  • Parent Pages - UK directory for families with 0-18's with links to numerous organisations etc.
  • Teaching Expertise - a site for teachers, parents and education professionals.

Suppliers, Publishers and Equipment

  • Left Handed Education - (also called Left'n'Write) which offers advice, training, products and materials for teachers and parents of left handed children.
  • QED Publications - Provides practical books for teachers, support for special educational needs, and help for teachers and parents.
  • Back in Action - a web site with some well designed furniture for children and adults.
  • DITT on line - Dyslexia International - Tools and Technologies a non profit organization created to promote tools and technologies that enable dyslexic learners to succeed.
  • Lucky Duck Publishing - have a number of resources on their page including Write Dance, a progressive music and movement programme for the development of pre-writing and writing skills.
  • Anything Left-handed - provides everything for the left hander.
  • Nick the nibs - Freelance calligrapher and handwriting consultant, and Secretary of the Society for Italic Handwriting.
  • Philip and Tacey - have various resources for writing including tram line exercise books and a portable writing slope
  • LDA - Learning Development Aids including books, pens, handwriting programmes
  • Taskmaster - pencils grips, plastic and wooden alphabets
  • Berol - (Sanford UK) provides a range of material and resources
  • Staedtler UK - Staedtler are working with HIG to promote awareness of good handwriting.
  • The Dyslexia Shop Limited - stocks equipment such as various pencils and pens, grips, writing slope, exercise pads etc. that can be found in the Stationary section of the Catalogue.
  • Edding - provide a wide range of pens, markers and other products. The NHA has acted as a consultant to Edding for many years, giving advice on the design of their writing implements. In turn, they have provided support and funding for the NHA
  • Shape Posture Seating - includes posture chairs and desks specifically designed for children from age 4 upwards.
  • 'u' Desking Solutions - a range of ergonomic equipment including reading and writing slopes
  • Stabilo - provide and interesting and innovative array of pens
  • John Dickinson - a part of Hamelin Paperbrands Ltd, one of Europe's leading stationery manufacturers
  • Pearson Assessment - formerly known as Harcourt, develop and distribute tests and related products for professionals in psychology, health, business, general education, bilingual education and special education.
  • Special - aim to provide the best possible range of resources to people working with children with special needs.
  • Pelikan - provide a range of pens and office supplies